Thursday, October 7, 2010

27 Weeks and Counting!

Here is my 27 week shot, I was trying to get every 5 weeks but I was on vacation ha ha ... I think my mind has been playing tricks on me because before this I thought I had a baby belly but I really didnt I just wanted to think I did but now people know i'm prego and not just fat so im extremely proud of my belly. I cant believe in only 3 months time we will get to hold our little man. Im so in Love with him already.

Philidelphia, New York & New Jersey Vacation

So on sunday we got home from our 7 day vacation to the east coast. It was a much needed Relaxation time. The first few days all we did were eat and sleep, We serisouly slept so incredibly much it was awesome! On Wednesday we had the opportunity to go to Manhattan, NY for a few hours. What a blast! We got to go to the temple, the museum and Central park. We got to see everything else but just from the top of a tour bus which is ok because that city is CRAZY! Kudos to Kylie & Steven because I dont know if I could live there. Friday we drove to Ocean City, New Jersey. If you havent heard of it I highly reccomend you google it! Its the most romantic, Relaxing place ever! I was so sad to leave, My grandma was so sweet to us she booked us a hotel room right on the Jersey Shore. SO ROMANTIC! Here are a few Photos... The first is us in Central Park The second is the beautiful sunset and a crazy sweet sandcastle that someone built for our viewing. The third is us on the Jersey Shore! One of my favorite pictures.