Wednesday, December 15, 2010

& Baby Makes Three

Well Last week my cute friend Lindsay took some maternity photos for us, which got me super excited because this means he ig getting SO close to being here! On top of that I had an appointment last week where the doctor told me I was dialated to a 1/10 and 50% thinned out! Woah! Talk about a reality check, then... This week when I went he said I was now a 2/10 and 75% thinned out! Oh baby! So the doc says he could come any day now, When my mom was in labor with me she was dialated to a 2 - so she is FREAKING out! I just cant believe we get to see our little man so soon. & possibly before christmas!  

Saturday, November 20, 2010

33 Weeks down 7 weeks to go!

Well space is definately limited! Everything you see on me now is BABY! I remember when I was only 20 weeks and I wasnt even showing at all...I was so excited and couldn't wait to get a sweet little belly, well as you can see there is nothing "little" about it! The doctor says that my stomach is small still and im lucky because I have alot of space between my hips and my ribs which most women dont have. I'm also lucky in the sense that I've only gained 16 pounds! Yahoo! I work very hard though to not drink soda or eat sweets I mostly crave food food not junk food. I'm very proud of myself. The doc says that Beckham will grow almost a pound a week soon aka i'm going to get bigger?! Oh baby yes! i'm going to get BIGGER! Also i'm proud to say I have not aquired any stretch marks, whoever says Coco butter and stretch mark lotion doesnt work is a liar, You just have to be obsessive about it and massage your belly EVERYDAY! I love being pregnant but can't wait to sleep on my tummy again and to hold my little man! I crave him all the time, Cant wait to meet you baby B!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

So I LOVE to read, and I LOVE Harry Potter. Im not a super geek about it but kind of... Ive read they series twice this year already... So naturally i've been DYING to see Deathly Hallows so My sweet husband who the only things he reads are the Book of Mormon and Jesus the Christ... Basically anything church related he loves to read. Anything else? Nope nothing so Im so grateful that he loves that I love to read (He wants me to read to Beckham all the time) He told me he'd take me to a midnight showing (even though he had to get up at 8:30am the next morning and work till 6:30pm) He took me! I'm really big on getting good seats so my little brother Jake and I went over to the movie theatre at 6:30 pm... Yes You ready that right 5 and a half hours before the movie started just to get good seats. So we waited and waited for maybe 45 minutes when my brother decided he was bored and wanted to come back a little later. So we left and ate some food and came back at 9 with my hubby, both my brothers Mikelle and Alex. Still we were first in line. So we hung out and played phase ten ate popcorn played video games and finally the time came for the movie to start! Yahoo! I was so excited! Also ive been SUPER GOOD about not having my beloved       Dr.Pepper because really its not good for you or your baby so I was doing SO good, but last night my sweet man spoiled me and got me a huge refillable DP well it was yummy but my feet didnt like it so much they decided to swell up and hurt alot...  A Pregnancy first for me :( So no more soda for a long, long time! I dont ever want that to happen again!

Crookston Family Baby Shower

On Novermber 6th I had the pleasure of going up north to have a baby shower with my Dad's side of the family. My dad is the only boy out of 5 sisters, All my aunties are so amazing and I love them so much! Our family is big and I love it! I wouldnt want to have it any other way! Its really fun too because my sweet little cousins are grown up now and they can join in the party! Thats how it always is with The Crookston girls. PARTY! They made YUMMY soup and Apple Cider which is my favorite! We got to eat and play a game which I laughed alot at because they had to answer questions about me my mom had the benefit of the doubt on that one just because she knows EVERYTHING. Then I got to open Beckham's gifts which was so much more fun than opening gifts for myself. He is so spoiled already and I love it! Gus and I already spend more on him than both of us put together so that was way fun.
Here is a Picture of the whole Crookston Gang.
 & this is my CUTE second cousin Kathryn who is also preggers and having a boy too! Yay boys are so fun!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

27 Weeks and Counting!

Here is my 27 week shot, I was trying to get every 5 weeks but I was on vacation ha ha ... I think my mind has been playing tricks on me because before this I thought I had a baby belly but I really didnt I just wanted to think I did but now people know i'm prego and not just fat so im extremely proud of my belly. I cant believe in only 3 months time we will get to hold our little man. Im so in Love with him already.

Philidelphia, New York & New Jersey Vacation

So on sunday we got home from our 7 day vacation to the east coast. It was a much needed Relaxation time. The first few days all we did were eat and sleep, We serisouly slept so incredibly much it was awesome! On Wednesday we had the opportunity to go to Manhattan, NY for a few hours. What a blast! We got to go to the temple, the museum and Central park. We got to see everything else but just from the top of a tour bus which is ok because that city is CRAZY! Kudos to Kylie & Steven because I dont know if I could live there. Friday we drove to Ocean City, New Jersey. If you havent heard of it I highly reccomend you google it! Its the most romantic, Relaxing place ever! I was so sad to leave, My grandma was so sweet to us she booked us a hotel room right on the Jersey Shore. SO ROMANTIC! Here are a few Photos... The first is us in Central Park The second is the beautiful sunset and a crazy sweet sandcastle that someone built for our viewing. The third is us on the Jersey Shore! One of my favorite pictures.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lindsay's Birthday

So forever ago our cute friend Lindsay had a Birthday, so we had a super fun day and Went to the Pool, Shopping, Samurai 21 and to get Deep Conditions at Paul Mitchel. Such a fun day, Also the first time I was in a swimming suit since my honeymoon so it was way fun to get a little sun and relax with good friends. Thanks girls & Lindsay for having a birthday! I hope it was a good one!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

8 Dollar Sale!!!

My cute friend Alicia and I went to Kid to Kid because they had an AMAZING sale! They gave you a little plasic bag and you stuffed as much as you could in the bag, take it up to the register and you pay 8$ For the entire bag! Our bags were so stuffed that things were falling out and the bags were ripping but they still accepted it! So we got such a sweet deal! 22 onesies 3 bibs and 3 hats later we were pooped! but it was So worth it!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Baby Sale!!!

So today Kid 2 Kid had a sale! They had a bag that they gave you and anything you could fit in the bag you just paid 8.50$ - So for the whole bag! So my cute friend Alicia and I went and destroyed that place we picked through every basket, every pile, every rack to find cute baby clothes. We had these teeny little bags stuffed completely full of clothes! We both totally scored! I got 22 onezies, 3 hats and 3 bibs! Normally would have been 35.45 and I got it all for 8.50!

20 Weeks 2 Days

Well here's my stomach, I think that i'm just a little bloated and not really showing yet. I think I am but my mind see's what I want it to see and I just cant wait for my belly and to feel him kick tons! I feel him kick now but it's just little flutters. I love him so much already I can't believe i'm already 1/2 way! In 20 more weeks i'll get to hold my sweet baby boy! It's so crazy to think we are going to have a little person, Our very own to hold and cuddle and spoil too much!

Baby Beckham 18 Weeks 0 Days

Here is our sweet baby Beckham I love him so much already I cant wait to meet him. This was our 18 week ultrasound, It's supposed to be 20 weeks that they do this but they measured his heart, his head and all that good stuff and the doc says he's perfect! He's 9 ounces now so twice as big as he was a month ago, I cant believe how much he's grown! His feet pictures are still my favorite!
      This ultrasound was really fun because we had my mom & dad Gus's mom, my grandma, my cute little sister and my two cute cousins! It was so fun to have our family there with us to see our sweet little man! he didn't move as much as last time but I just ate so he was probably so squished in there!

Friday, August 6, 2010


Jake's New Do:
So the other day my little brother decided that he wanted to get his haircut and he wanted a mohawk so I pull out the clippers and the scissors and start chopping away. Now before this he had a shag so his hair was clear down past his ears. My dad is always telling him he needs a H.A.T. which is military terms for high and tight which pretty much means you buzz your head and have and inch and a half of hair on your head. So he's been dreading the sound of the buzzing clippers for years, this is the shortest he's had it in a long time but he loves his new do!

Gus's Birthday

July 21st 2010
Gus's 23rd Birthday
On the actual day of his birthday Gus had to work so after work we got ready and went to Dinner with Gus's parents and since Gus's Favorite food is pizza... I insisted that we go somewhere nice and dress up! I feel bad now because I should have just let him go where he wanted but we ended up going to Samurai 21. I love it but I don't think Gus enjoyed it too much. Then we were going to go to a movie but decided that we should just go home get comfy and watch a movie at home together. Then on Sunday my Mom got to throw him a little party with my aunt, cousins and Grandparents. They made him a cake and we had his favorite food (pizza) but they were the make your own kinds! So everyone had a blast making pizzas and hanging out. 

Friday, July 16, 2010


We had our first Ultra sound today! We were so excited to just see our baby, they surprised us by saying "well do you want to know what it is?" of course we would want to know! So the bottom picture is our boy ha ha and the top is his sweet little feet! I cried so much when I saw that one! We are so blessed and grateful to have this sweet baby. I already love him SO much I can't wait to hold him in my arms! My due date is January 7th so I'm officially 15 weeks 0 Days. We just love this baby and we are so excited for the adventures he is going to bring.


Wednesday night we had family night and went to see Tarzan at Tuacahn, we are so lucky to have family that works there and can get us free tickets! It was really fun to see all the acrobatic tricks that they did over that stage, and all the flyers that came in from Las Vegas. It was such a neat experience ... even though we probably lost 20 lbs sitting in the heat!

Monday, July 12, 2010

15 Weeks!

Well I'm now 15 weeks pregnant, and into my second tri-mester which is supposed to mean I can feel better and be less tired but I have yet to feel any changes im still tired. I wasnt nautious at all really in the first trimester I just hate food and i'm starving all the time. I crave the spicy food but It gives me heartburn which I have never had to deal with before in my life so I tend to forget that I get heartburn until I eat hot sauce, spicy noodles and flaming hot funions. I love milk too i'm super good with liquids I havent wanted any sugar so thats good. Hopefully I wont gain too much weight. I feel little flutters on occasion but this is all I have to show for my pregnancy so far. I cant wait till I get my belly.

Viva Espana

So this has been Gus's OBSESSION (and I do not use the word lightly) for the past 3 months! The world cup final was this sunday Netherlands vs. Spain and Gus was so crazy all day. I like sports, I think watching them on tv is the most boring thing EVER. Especially soccer because its so incredibly long. Normally its 120 minutes but then if no one scores its another half hour! Which is was happened neither side scored and the ref was throwing yellow cards like candy, i'm shocked that no one got the boot. Anyways so Spain finally scores and it ended the game. It was a pretty fun game to watch I have to admit I learned alot and now I wont be so upset when we watch soccer occasionally because I finally get it. Our World Cup party gang was Gus, Me, Matt, Colby, Alex & Dan! It was fun I made home-made pizza and we had Kool-Aid it was pretty sweet.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fourth of July Fun

Well our 4th was fun my mom and dad drove 4 days from Georgia to bring all their house stuff to Utah luckily they planned it all to perfectly so that they could make it for the BBQ and family fun. We did fireworks with just our family and we had a really fun Firework filled night we are so lucky to have sucha wonderful family. We are truely blessed.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fletcher Lagoon Day

So every year with the Fletcher's we go to Lagoon. This year was different for me because i'm married and pregnant so sadly I want able to ride really anything. Also it was Gus's first time ever to Lagoon, Luckily I had Bret there to ride rides with him and have some boy time in while I practiced my mommy skills with my cute twin cousins. (Both sets) Max & Owen who are 5 and Luke & Cole who are 6 months. I enjoyed it way too much! I just love those babies Casey had them all dressed up and cute with hats and sunglasses so we took a picture. Gus enjoyed Lagoon a lot, as did I but I can't wait until I can ride the rides next year!

Manti Fletcher Reunion

Well this summer has had quite the start! Our first fun event this summer was the Manti Pageant. We went with our entire Fletcher family and it was a blast! We spent 3 days in Manti, the First day we got settled into our 70's lodge. Grandpa called it a one star then said "Well actually I don't think it has any stars." It was old, but charming and perfect for our massive group. That night we went to the Pageant and watched the play it was very spiritual and informative. The temple was absolutely amazing. Day two the grown ups went and did a morning session at the Temple , it was a really neat experience for me because I've never done a live session so it was very cool. The rest of the day we spent at the lake with the family. Then Sunday we packed up and headed home! It went by way too fast. It was fun to be with the family and thats when we told them all that we were pregnant. We made Grandpa a T-shirt that said "I'm gonna be a Great-Grandpa." At first he didn't get it he thought we were saying that he is and Awesome grandpa, finally Casey had to explain to him "Do you know what this means? Kaylee is having a BABY!'' It was a moment I'll never forget!