Saturday, November 20, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

So I LOVE to read, and I LOVE Harry Potter. Im not a super geek about it but kind of... Ive read they series twice this year already... So naturally i've been DYING to see Deathly Hallows so My sweet husband who the only things he reads are the Book of Mormon and Jesus the Christ... Basically anything church related he loves to read. Anything else? Nope nothing so Im so grateful that he loves that I love to read (He wants me to read to Beckham all the time) He told me he'd take me to a midnight showing (even though he had to get up at 8:30am the next morning and work till 6:30pm) He took me! I'm really big on getting good seats so my little brother Jake and I went over to the movie theatre at 6:30 pm... Yes You ready that right 5 and a half hours before the movie started just to get good seats. So we waited and waited for maybe 45 minutes when my brother decided he was bored and wanted to come back a little later. So we left and ate some food and came back at 9 with my hubby, both my brothers Mikelle and Alex. Still we were first in line. So we hung out and played phase ten ate popcorn played video games and finally the time came for the movie to start! Yahoo! I was so excited! Also ive been SUPER GOOD about not having my beloved       Dr.Pepper because really its not good for you or your baby so I was doing SO good, but last night my sweet man spoiled me and got me a huge refillable DP well it was yummy but my feet didnt like it so much they decided to swell up and hurt alot...  A Pregnancy first for me :( So no more soda for a long, long time! I dont ever want that to happen again!

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