Saturday, November 20, 2010

33 Weeks down 7 weeks to go!

Well space is definately limited! Everything you see on me now is BABY! I remember when I was only 20 weeks and I wasnt even showing at all...I was so excited and couldn't wait to get a sweet little belly, well as you can see there is nothing "little" about it! The doctor says that my stomach is small still and im lucky because I have alot of space between my hips and my ribs which most women dont have. I'm also lucky in the sense that I've only gained 16 pounds! Yahoo! I work very hard though to not drink soda or eat sweets I mostly crave food food not junk food. I'm very proud of myself. The doc says that Beckham will grow almost a pound a week soon aka i'm going to get bigger?! Oh baby yes! i'm going to get BIGGER! Also i'm proud to say I have not aquired any stretch marks, whoever says Coco butter and stretch mark lotion doesnt work is a liar, You just have to be obsessive about it and massage your belly EVERYDAY! I love being pregnant but can't wait to sleep on my tummy again and to hold my little man! I crave him all the time, Cant wait to meet you baby B!

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  1. You are so cute! You are definitely lucky to be so tiny, and have extra room and be more comfortable! Can't wait to do pic's! :)