Friday, August 20, 2010

Baby Sale!!!

So today Kid 2 Kid had a sale! They had a bag that they gave you and anything you could fit in the bag you just paid 8.50$ - So for the whole bag! So my cute friend Alicia and I went and destroyed that place we picked through every basket, every pile, every rack to find cute baby clothes. We had these teeny little bags stuffed completely full of clothes! We both totally scored! I got 22 onezies, 3 hats and 3 bibs! Normally would have been 35.45 and I got it all for 8.50!

20 Weeks 2 Days

Well here's my stomach, I think that i'm just a little bloated and not really showing yet. I think I am but my mind see's what I want it to see and I just cant wait for my belly and to feel him kick tons! I feel him kick now but it's just little flutters. I love him so much already I can't believe i'm already 1/2 way! In 20 more weeks i'll get to hold my sweet baby boy! It's so crazy to think we are going to have a little person, Our very own to hold and cuddle and spoil too much!

Baby Beckham 18 Weeks 0 Days

Here is our sweet baby Beckham I love him so much already I cant wait to meet him. This was our 18 week ultrasound, It's supposed to be 20 weeks that they do this but they measured his heart, his head and all that good stuff and the doc says he's perfect! He's 9 ounces now so twice as big as he was a month ago, I cant believe how much he's grown! His feet pictures are still my favorite!
      This ultrasound was really fun because we had my mom & dad Gus's mom, my grandma, my cute little sister and my two cute cousins! It was so fun to have our family there with us to see our sweet little man! he didn't move as much as last time but I just ate so he was probably so squished in there!

Friday, August 6, 2010


Jake's New Do:
So the other day my little brother decided that he wanted to get his haircut and he wanted a mohawk so I pull out the clippers and the scissors and start chopping away. Now before this he had a shag so his hair was clear down past his ears. My dad is always telling him he needs a H.A.T. which is military terms for high and tight which pretty much means you buzz your head and have and inch and a half of hair on your head. So he's been dreading the sound of the buzzing clippers for years, this is the shortest he's had it in a long time but he loves his new do!

Gus's Birthday

July 21st 2010
Gus's 23rd Birthday
On the actual day of his birthday Gus had to work so after work we got ready and went to Dinner with Gus's parents and since Gus's Favorite food is pizza... I insisted that we go somewhere nice and dress up! I feel bad now because I should have just let him go where he wanted but we ended up going to Samurai 21. I love it but I don't think Gus enjoyed it too much. Then we were going to go to a movie but decided that we should just go home get comfy and watch a movie at home together. Then on Sunday my Mom got to throw him a little party with my aunt, cousins and Grandparents. They made him a cake and we had his favorite food (pizza) but they were the make your own kinds! So everyone had a blast making pizzas and hanging out.