Friday, August 20, 2010

20 Weeks 2 Days

Well here's my stomach, I think that i'm just a little bloated and not really showing yet. I think I am but my mind see's what I want it to see and I just cant wait for my belly and to feel him kick tons! I feel him kick now but it's just little flutters. I love him so much already I can't believe i'm already 1/2 way! In 20 more weeks i'll get to hold my sweet baby boy! It's so crazy to think we are going to have a little person, Our very own to hold and cuddle and spoil too much!

1 comment:

  1. kaylee you are so brave to post pics of your belly! i'm so self-conscious about my new little belly. i feel so chubby!
    but you are adorable. and congrats on the awesome sale you found! can't wait to find out what we're havin to i can go shopping!