Friday, August 20, 2010

Baby Beckham 18 Weeks 0 Days

Here is our sweet baby Beckham I love him so much already I cant wait to meet him. This was our 18 week ultrasound, It's supposed to be 20 weeks that they do this but they measured his heart, his head and all that good stuff and the doc says he's perfect! He's 9 ounces now so twice as big as he was a month ago, I cant believe how much he's grown! His feet pictures are still my favorite!
      This ultrasound was really fun because we had my mom & dad Gus's mom, my grandma, my cute little sister and my two cute cousins! It was so fun to have our family there with us to see our sweet little man! he didn't move as much as last time but I just ate so he was probably so squished in there!

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