Saturday, November 20, 2010

Crookston Family Baby Shower

On Novermber 6th I had the pleasure of going up north to have a baby shower with my Dad's side of the family. My dad is the only boy out of 5 sisters, All my aunties are so amazing and I love them so much! Our family is big and I love it! I wouldnt want to have it any other way! Its really fun too because my sweet little cousins are grown up now and they can join in the party! Thats how it always is with The Crookston girls. PARTY! They made YUMMY soup and Apple Cider which is my favorite! We got to eat and play a game which I laughed alot at because they had to answer questions about me my mom had the benefit of the doubt on that one just because she knows EVERYTHING. Then I got to open Beckham's gifts which was so much more fun than opening gifts for myself. He is so spoiled already and I love it! Gus and I already spend more on him than both of us put together so that was way fun.
Here is a Picture of the whole Crookston Gang.
 & this is my CUTE second cousin Kathryn who is also preggers and having a boy too! Yay boys are so fun!

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  1. Great turn out on the shower! I'm happy for you, you and gus are going to be great parents :)