Friday, October 5, 2012

Twins::The Birth

Well three months later I can finally find a spare moment to catch up on my blog. Not that I'm good at keeping it up anyways, but this is something I need to remember.
My day started off normal woke up and was getting ready for my Doctor appointment. Today he was going to check me for any dilation. I was really praying for some sort of progression with the girls. I was experiencing a lot of pain back, belly, legs. Pretty much all over. The worst of it all was my chest pain I had random spurts of inflamed lungs because of the lack of space. There was nothing I could do about this pain which made it that much more awful. So my mother-in-law came to watch Beckham while Gus and I headed to the doctor. On our way I told Gus "hunny this is how I want my appointment to go: I want him to check me and accidentally break my water and then I'll go over to the hospital and deliver these babies!" We both just laughed. I knew that I would. Need to endure a few more weeks o this belly. So he checked me and started laughing in my head I'm thinking oh great I'm not going to be dilated at all. So with a heavy heart I sat up. He looked at me and said "your at a 6." Instantly I had tears in my eyes. I couldn't have been happier ! He said "now this could go one of two ways you could be at a six for the next few weeks or you could have these babies today. My happiness turned to scared beyond belief in an instant. When I went to the hospital with Beckham my water had broken and I was at a three but I didn't start feeling my contractions until I was at an 8. And as soon as I felt them I had him quick. So if I was already a six with no broken water and no contractions how would I know when to go to the hospital so that I wouldn't have these babies in the car? And then he sent me home. Home? I said your sending me home?! They told me if anything changed at all to call them and we'd go from there. So I went home Gus was supposed to work but I made him stay home with me I was so scared! My mother in law took Beckham home with her so Gus and I napped. We went and got food and I noticed some spotting. So I called the doc ad he sat there for what seemed like an eternity and finally said ok go to the hospital in a half hour. So we rushed home got the bassinet together put the carseats in and headed to the hospital. 4:30pm They put the monitors on me and still no contractions. So she waited a half hour to check me and when she did I was at an 8! 5:00pm so she handed me a hospital gown and said well your here to stay. fifteen minutes later my water broke. So Gus got dressed in all his OR gear. Then the waiting began we sat in the OR for what seemed like an eternity, nurses came and went doctors came and went the NICU nurses came and told me what to be expecting after I deliver. They would go to the NICU instead of my room. I would have to wait an hour to recover before I could really see them. Then finally the pain came. The infamous back labor ( I hadn't experienced this with Beckham ) this lasted for about an hour. Then finally it was time to push so two pushes and out came Paisley they laid her on my chest and I cried and kissed her and was in complete awe. She was so tiny! And then it hit me oh man I have to do this again ... So they took her and then all I remember was the worst pain of my life. I didn't have to push. They were pushing and pulling at my stomach Sophie had to come breach but her one leg was stuck up by her head so they had to get her leg down to pull her out. Then finally the pain was gone I finally got to see my sweet Sophie but again my time with her came and went too soon. No stitches thankfully. And then I was sent to my room to wait. I wanted Gus to go be with the girls so that they weren't alone. I have to admit I felt like a child being punished. I was alone, I couldn't hold my babies and I had to wait For the longest hour of my life. The. Finally Gus came to get me and we went up to see our girls. I was so happy to hold them and snuggle them. I was still just so amazed at how teeny they were. 4lbs 11oz each and 20 inches long. Two beautiful baby girls.

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  1. so sweet! so happy they are here and I can't believe it has been like 3 months! Congrats! They are super cute! Its hard with one, so you are super women for raising twins...and having them with no epidural!